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The Great Depression hits many major US cities. The Gangston is no exception. Cosy and careless living is no more for many commoners. Banks are eager to cash out housing loans or force a foreclosure in pursuit of greater profit. Along with employment catastrophe, criminal activity is on the rise with many gangster syndicates forming up.

Caught up in the middle of events, Frank Dunn-Kruger, a common cab driver, is trying to keep his house and family safe by clinging to any chance of earning a little extra cash with what he seems to do best - driving. Will he be able to pull through the ordeal and potholes on the road is completely in your power.

Money Run is a comic book story driven arcade experience that will submerge the player in the atmosphere of vintage noir, dark humour, gangsters and corruption.

Our team's first time entry for Ludum Dare 43. Original game created in 72 hours with theme "Sacrifices must be made"
Now that was some challenge to make it all in time. Like in action movies we were jumping on a train when it was already leaving the railway station.


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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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ahh now its 1$ :)

Great game, the art is pretty awesome

Thank you.
We have plans on releasing it after some fixes and updates. So don't go to far away :)

i dont want to throw money.....

i want to throw lot of money but not in a 1000$ stack. maybe 5$ each even though throwrate is 0.1s XD

Throwing money is nice. But it is much better when you get something extra out of it. 
Thy doing that when passing kid in red.

you mean run off the kid?

Not run off the kid, but try throwing money when you're passing by next to him.

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Thanks for playing our game. It will be updated soon.
We couldn't do that earlier because of the Ludum Dare rules. Now it's over and we can update the games the way we wanted to.

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ok :D